Emerging importance of amenities in LifeSpaces


Aristotle once said, man by nature is a social animal. This statement has been fundamental all throughout the stages of human life. This social nature formed the basis of the need of living together in a closed group. Slowly, these closed groups took the form of family, where a group of people shared the same beliefs and emotional bonding

As man evolved gradually, he felt the need to have a secure place for his exclusive group, so he conceptualised the place called home. Over the years, the concept of home has gone under tremendous change, accommodating factors such as economic, social, and cultural.

Today, the home symbolises comfort, convenience and care, security and stability. And today's real estate market tries to encompass all these factors in different ways. The idea is to entice modern buyers with the feeling of being together and share a comfortable lifestyle.

The Real Estate, Amenities and Home:

Men are living in the age of speed today. Especially in cities like Mumbai, the time factor plays a crucial role in day-to-day life. Hence, they're looking for spaces where they can spend quality time with their family. This demand is shaping the real estate landscape in cities like Mumbai.

Real estate players are addressing this demand in every possible way. Of late, amenities have become the popular USP’s for real estate players. As per the latest trends in cities like Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore, buyers are making their property choices based on the amenities available and the lifestyle on offer. They are looking out for space where they can comfortably spend time with their family and even friends.

These amenities are becoming a helpful way to bring back the emotional quotient back in life. In today's fast paced life, buyers want a sense of comfort and convenience that can add value to their life. After hectic office hours, tiring traffic jams and lengthy commuting hours, they want to return to a peaceful abode.

Advantage of Amenities:

In today’s real estate, promotions focus mainly on amenities and offers (if any). Having a pool, gym, spa, amphitheatre, or a jogging track, adds to the overall value proposition of the real estate project. The days have gone where buyers used to prefer stand-alone apartments. This trend is popular not just because of the increasing buying power of the customer, but also due to the evolving preferences of an aspired lifestyle that demand an amenities-rich home.

If we look at the advantages that amenities bring to our life, they are numerous.

1. Opportunities to spend extra time with the family

2. A healthy lifestyle due to indulgence in outdoor amenities

3. Active social life due to participating in sports & leisure

4. Grand festive celebrations

5. All of the above in a convenient and secure environment.

Be it indoor or outdoor, amenities always add that extra value and appeal to the overall home buying experience. Rajesh LifeSpaces makes it a point to include these amenities and more in their projects like Raj Grandeur at Powai, Raj Torres at Thane, White City at Kandivali east. Let’s have a look some of the amenities they offer:

  • Kids play area
  • Amphitheatre
  • Jacuzzi seating
  • Jogging track
  • Foot reflexology path
  • Crèche
  • Senior Citizen Activity Centre
  • Dance Studio
  • Open Barbeque Area with trellis
  • Class Room
  • Fitness center
  • Multi-purpose hall


Such amenities cover every aspect of our life. Be it our kids, safety for our family, facilities to maintain our healthy life and a sense of luxury. They are not just a selling point, but symbolises the sense of trust, quality and comfort.  

The Neighbourhood Factor:

Apart from the amenities, the other important issue that matters is the neighbourhood. Be it watching a movie on the weekend or enjoy shopping at malls, quality time with family has become one of the significant aspects of their lives. While searching for a property, homebuyers always look for an ideal neighbourhood. For them, a perfect neighbourhood means easy access to major educational institutions, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, recreational areas, financial institutions and excellent connectivity.  

So, by cutting down the daily commute, the contemporary home buyers prefer to spend time with their family and friends enjoying the amenities and lead an elevated lifestyle.