I am a Woman. What’s Your Super Power?

It has been wisely stated that “A woman’s heart holds the light that guides one even in a dark tunnel like that of life.” Over a period of time, we all have come to realize the truth in this quote. Most of us would agree to the fact that women are blessed with unique strength, skills and a super emotional quotient. At times one just wonders how they multitask with precision by juggling responsibilities of work, home and social life. Do they really possess super powers or is it just them? It’s true. Life just won’t seem to function well without women, be it our mother, sister, daughter, teacher or our best friend. At work, our directors, our bosses and reporting managers guide us in our professional life. The list could go on and on. Women today have acquired important roles in every aspect and walks of life. Super powers or not, they are doing pretty well and to that we all can agree. So, this women’s day at Rajesh LifeSpaces, we decided to put the women around us in the driving seat and asked them, what superpower would they want to acquire, if given an opportunity, and what would they use it for. The question might fall into the category of ‘heard that before’, but the answers were simply “super”. Now with women having super powers, it was imperative to get to know what the men had to say about it. Hence, we asked the men, what did they think the world shall look like, if women were to have super powers. For all those who wish they were a part of this fun, please click on the below mentioned link for a few glimpses. We assure you for a moment, you will start believing that women possess super powers indeed.

Click Here: https://youtu.be/-rswyGIXWaM