Legacy of Rajesh LifeSpaces

Mumbai is the country’s forerunner in terms of infrastructure, lifestyle and work-life balance. Till a few decades back, Mumbai comprised a fairly low number of working and living spaces. The transformation to the Mumbai skyline has been steady and gradual. Along with the government, several real estate construction companies elevated Mumbai’s status as is apparent today. One of the leading firms contributing to the change is Rajesh LifeSpaces.

Founded in 1962, by Shri Raghavjibhai Patel, Rajesh LifeSpaces, began with the founding principles of putting integrity and commitment before economic gains, which can be seconded by any of their delighted homeowners. The legacy he started, more than five decades ago, has seen the shaping, building and delivering of thousands of residential & commercial spaces. He infused the belief into the company’s core ethics, that no detail is too small or any challenge too tough and always kept the commitment to time, quality and detail, the highest priority. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, Rajesh LifeSpaces gradually built the reputation it enjoys today, with Shri Raghavjibhai Patel laying down the guidelines of making homes for the people of Mumbai, a matter of pride, honour and an opportunity to give back to the people. His thoughts and ideals led to Rajesh LifeSpaces being on the pedestal it is today with a 250-strong team.

While the tradition and heritage of Rajesh LifeSpaces was laid down by Late Shri Raghavjibhai Patel, his next of kin provided a vision for the future. Rajesh LifeSpaces was taken to the next level by Raghavjibhai’s sons, Harish Patel [The Vice Chairman], Rajesh Patel [Managing Director], Kantilal Patel, Priyal Patel & Pratik Patel [Directors] respectively. While the firm has been primarily a family business, it has the aspirations, values and ideals of a conglomerate without the scruples that a business of this nature usually faces.

Mr. Harish Patel, Vice-Chairman of Rajesh Lifespaces, is a veteran, possessing an experience of over three decades and a knack for networking skills. With such expertise and mastery over the market, he has a firm grasp of the ever-changing consumer mindsets and understands the holistic impact of national and local policies on the business and the industry as well. Mr. Rajesh Patel is a multi-dimensional personality, an effortless leader and an ace in planning, development and finance. As MD of Rajesh LifeSpaces, he truly lives up to his role and manages the Group’s activities spread across several spheres. And Mr. Kantilal Patel, is renowned as the guiding force behind the physical creation of the Group’s iconic structures across Mumbai skyline.

The Leaders of Rajesh LifeSpaces took the company to new heights that became a name synonymous with trust, quality and reliability. But, the story doesn’t end here. Since ages in society, the torch has been handed down from the family elders to the younger generation. And such is the case with Rajesh LifeSpaces too. With an American education, both Priyal Patel and Pratik Patel are taking Rajesh LifeSpaces to new horizons and vistas. While Priyal is the face of the firm’s foray into the hospitality sector, Pratik is the one leading Rajesh LifeSpaces into newer technologies, segments and geographies, making sure RLS is ready to face any challenges the future has in store.

With a legacy spanning more than five decades, you can surely put your faith in a company that has seen and been a primary driving force in the transformation in Mumbai’s skyline. A company that has created affordable to lifestyle oriented homes, is sure to give the solution to your dream home.

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