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Mumbai is a city quite unlike any other. It is faster, louder, forever on the go. At Rajesh LifeSpaces, we understand the beat of Mumbai. We feel the pulse of its people, and know that out here, life is in a state of constant change. That's why our properties in Mumbai are designed to complement the lifestyle of those who call it home..

For over five decades, Rajesh LifeSpaces has added to its portfolio a string of residential and commercial projects that range from budget homes and future-ready apartments to elegant office spaces and plush retail hubs. Every space we have built is a celebration of life. Today, our legacy of crafting unique spaces, our strong business ethics and unwavering commitment to quality, sets us apart in the real estate industry.

Crafting Spaces. Creating Legacies.

That is the essence of what we stand for. The values that make us who we are and form the compass that guides us. It talks about the pride we take in crafting spaces. And underlines what makes these spaces so extraordinary. Something that remains invisible yet makes its presence felt in the foundations and cornerstones of each of our creations. Principles that have stood the test of time.

For over half a century we have been led by a spirit of integrity, transparency, and the strongest business ethics. We have been known for our commitment to quality, timely delivery and progressive design thinking.

These are the core values that distinguish each of our creations and help them set the company's legacy, one blue print at a time.

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Mr. Raghavjibhai Patel - Rajesh LifeSpaces
Late Mr. Raghavjibhai Patel, Founder

In a world that thrives on cut throat competition, economic gains have never been our first priority. Thanks to the vision of our Founder, late Mr. Raghavjibhai Patel, we have always put transparency, integrity and commitment to delivering quality above everything else. Since the inception of Rajesh LifeSpaces over 5 decades ago, his vision has shaped, built and delivered hundreds of living spaces, leisure spaces, retail and commercial properties. Each project distinct for its design, scale and ambition.

His time-tested wisdom, benevolence, integrity and hands-on knowledge have made him a father figure of Mumbai's real estate community and a guiding light for the 250 plus strong team at Rajesh LifeSpaces.

Mr. Harish R. Patel  Rajesh LifeSpaces
Mr. Harish R. Patel Vice Chairman

A seasoned mind with solid insights, business acumen spanning decades, noteworthy networking skills and a revered name in the industry, are just a few expressions construing this remarkable man.

With a firm grasp of the ever-changing consumer mind-set and armed with contemporary real estate expertise, Harish Patel recognises the need and holistic impact of policies in business and the industry. His ingenuity empowers him to play an active role in the MCHI committee as the Vice President, also making him a decisive determinant when adapting ideas and policies for the Group.

Mr. Rajesh R. Patel
Mr. Rajesh R. Patel Managing Director

A thought-leader who places a strong emphasis on 'speak less, do more' and chooses to live by this credo. Mr. Rajesh Patel truly lives up to his role and manages the Group's activities spread across several spheres.

He is a multi-dimensional personality, an effortless leader and an ace in planning, development and finance. His sound thinking and value-based approach make him the logical, deep-rooted and analytical part of the Group.

Mr. Kantilal A. Patel
Mr. Kantilal A. Patel Director

A technocrat by profession and a doer by choice. A qualified Civil Engineer, Mr. Kantilal A. Patel is the guiding force behind the physical creation of the Group’s iconic structures across the skyline.

A multi-tasking expert, he has the ability to effortlessly manage and run construction operations across multiple sites simultaneously. His uncanny knowledge of the 3 M's of real estate development - man, machines and materials, makes him the operational wizard of the Group.

Mr. Priyal K. Patel
Mr. Priyal K. Patel Director

'Indian values and a global mindset', this statement best captures the essence of Mr. Priyal Patel, the face of the young brigade at the Group.

A graduate in finance from the US, he is leading the Group's foray into the hospitality sector. He applies his understanding of global lifestyles and financial management to meet the challenges, and seize the opportunities in the Indian context.

Mr. Pratik H. Patel
Mr. Pratik H. Patel Director

A man who lives and breathes the future. Mr. Pratik Patel is quite literally the human dynamo. This management graduate from the US is buzzing with new-age ideas that conform to the value system of the Group.

A man of action, he leads the Group's initiatives into new technologies, segments and geographies. His networking skills across the real estate community and, - keen eye for adapting contemporary concepts within the organisation, keeps the Group future-ready.


Being one of the prominent real estate developers in Mumbai, we’ve been awarded for our contribution to Mumbai’s skyline.

The thing about honesty, integrity, transparency and an almost obsessive attitude towards detail and delivering quality, is that sooner or later it is bound to get noticed. And that's the belief that is reaffirmed each time we win accolades for our work. That, and the trust of the people who have made us a part of their lives, is what keeps us going.

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At Rajesh LifeSpaces, we understand the need for strong and sustainable relationships with the community, built on the foundation of trust. That is what has inspired us to pioneer community education projects, provide financial aid to underprivileged students, and create employment opportunities and medical facilities for dispossessed people coming to Mumbai to earn a respectable livelihood. These are our small contributions to the cause of community, society and national development.

Our patriarch and mentor, late Shri Raghavjibhai Patel, was the first to begin this noble effort with Ramuben Prabhat Patel Charitable Trust, which today plays a part in a number of CSR initiatives such as:

  • Smt. R. P. Bhalodia Institute of Management Studies, Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Smt. R. P. Bhalodia Commerce College (B. B. A.), Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Smt. R. P. Bhalodia Computer Science College (B. C. A.), Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Shri N. P. Bhalodia Home Science College, Upleta, Gujarat
  • R. P. Bhalodia Arts & Science College, Upleta, Gujarat
  • N. P. Bhalodia High School, Junagadh, Gujarat
  • Shri Adarsh Education Trust, Upleta, Gujarat
  • Home Science Institution and College provides boarding for women
  • Patidar Seva Samaj, Mumbai which helps people who come to the city for medical treatment and employment
  • Patidar Seva Samaj, Nathdwara, Rajasthan
  • Shree Saurashtra Kadva Patel Vaishnav Charitable Trust, Mathura, U. P.
  • Our other charitable includes The Rajkot Cancer Society & The Lalbawa Charitable Trust, Rajkot, Gujarat
  • ‘Suhrid foundation’ for the Guravpada-Kaspada Medical Camp 2016, Vikramgad, Thane

Associates & Partners

Our trusted partners and associates have been an integral part of our journey to enable us to develop Mumbai’s Skyline.

We couldn't have taken on this herculean task of redefining Mumbai's skyline without the help and support of our trusted partners and associates. Here's to the teams that have been with us through this journey of creating a lasting legacy for Rajesh LifeSpaces.

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